Dishing the details of the official state berry

We won’t bog you down with another cranberry recipe.

Cape Cod cranberry bog

The growing season generally runs from March through October.

Photo via @visitcapecod + @capedreaming

Whether you can’t wait to crack open a can of the sweet side or you’d pass on the berry goodness this Thanksgiving, we have Massachusetts to thank for the cranberries.

Did you know that cranberries are the Bay State’s second largest agricultural commodity? Local growers produce about a quarter of the cranberries for the US, which is worth approximately $60 million.

The state’s cranberry farming dates back the mid-1800s on Cape Cod. Today, Massachusetts ranks second in the nation in cranberry production with more than 14,000 acres of berry operations.

Most of that property is owned and operated by Ocean Spray. The cranberry company is headquartered in the South Shore in Middleborough.

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