Coolidge Corner Theatre debuts its extended space

The new, 14,000-sqft expansion includes two new screens, a larger lobby, and an events space.

Coolidge Corner Theatre grand opening ceremony with speaker at podium.

Coolidge Corner Theatre’s addition is ready for showtime.

Photo via BOStoday staff

Cue the applause — the Coolidge Corner Theatre is debuting its 14,000-sqft expansion to the public Wednesday, March 27.

The Brookline landmark’s new, three-story space offers moviegoers amenities like:

  • Two new cinemas — Moviehouse 5 with 145 seats and Moviehouse 6 with 53 seats
  • A larger lobby with indoor ticketing, concessions, and a bar
  • A new events and education space on the third floor that features views of Brookline

However, this $14 million expansion isn’t a remake — the existing marquee and theaters are staying put. The new space even includes design elements to match the theater’s original art deco aesthetic.

This project has been a long time coming for locals. Planning began 15 years ago, with 10 years of fundraising and two years of construction.

Want to check out the space? While you can always see a show, the theater will host an open house Saturday, April 6, 9-11 a.m.

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