Possible park in the sky for Chinatown

Here are the highlights on a new air-rights project in Boston

View of the Chinatown arch at night.

The project is one of 45 nationwide to receive funding.

Earlier this month, the US Department of Transportation awarded the City of Boston $1.8 million to create new community spaces in Chinatown. Here’s what we know about the “Reconnecting Chinatown” project.

The community is completing a study to add green space to the area above the highway between Shawmut Avenue + Washington Street. The location in question is also known as Parcel 21.

The study will examine future design guidelines for three other air-rights parcels from Harrison Avenue to Arlington Street — Parcels 19, 20 + 22 — which total approximately 1,750 ft.

Why is this important? There is not a lot of green space in Chinatown, which is divided by the highway. Connecting the neighborhood by adding new community spaces has been a long-time goal for local organizations.

The federal funding is expected within six months, then a local project manager can be hired for the two-year grant.

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