The repurposed Gulf gas station kicks off its second year of programming with a wine garden, flea market, art gallery, and a new pickleball court — visit The Station at 1400 Boylston St. after its June 1 season opening.
The City of Boston announced a new “Safety Surge” initiative to curb traffic-related issues and improve Boston’s streets for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers.
The popular seafood eatery’s proposal will bring guests even closer to the waterfront. Plans include a new floating barge to expand seating options for the outdoor dining area.
The new transit-oriented Mattapan development has created 135 units of affordable mixed-use housing and 10,000-sqft of retail space.
As Boston continues to grow, we’re keeping an eye on upcoming developments and recently opened businesses.
The plans include the first satellite HBCU campus for our city and a new art gallery.
The proposal outlines plans for a multipurpose reuse of library space to provide affordable housing.
Here are the highlights on a new air-rights project in Boston
We’re breaking down Mayor Wu’s plan for 802 units in eight neighborhoods.
Here’s what a recent analysis had to say about the future of Dartmouth Street.
The BPDA proposed changes could increase the height restrictions in Downtown Boston
Let’s work together to improve the largest green space in our city. 🌳
The Center for Computing & Data Sciences is also known as the Jenga building.
Cambridge is the first Massachusetts city to ban minimum parking requirements. 🚗
There’s more to explore at the indie bookstore. 📚
Coming soon to Grove Hall.
The first public park in America is getting a few updates. 🌳
We’ll get to enjoy a 360-degree view of Boston later this year.
Take a closer look at this notable local architecture.
Our city’s largest transit center is getting a major makeover.
Take a moment and see what’s going on at the local monument.
Check out both centers when they open in October.
Here’s how the local airport plans to spend the federal funds.
Explore the new community hub for STEM + the arts.
The agency expects to roll these out around 2027. 🚊
Good news for Boston.
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