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Support Maui relief efforts by dining local

A local restaurateur is supporting the Maui Food Bank with food and drink specials at four eateries through the end of August.

Table inside Ruckus with the special relief dish: onigiri.

Proceeds from ordering this onigiri from Ruckus will support the ongoing relief efforts.

Photo by Chris Rocco

A Boston restaurateur is giving back to support the restoration efforts since the devastating fires on Maui last week.

Brian Moy and his family have deep personal connections to the the island and want to give back to a community that has given them so much.

Stop by one of following restaurants through the end of August and proceeds from the selected cocktail and food orders will support the Maui Food Bank.

Ruckus, 5 Tyler St.

  • So Fresh So Clean cocktail and Hawaiian BBQ pulled pork onigiri

Shōjō Chinatown, 9A Tyler St.

  • Mai Tai and Hawaiian Roll with honey baked ham, grilled pineapple, white miso honey butter

Shōjō Cambridge, 425 Massachusetts Ave., Unit 4B

  • Mai Tai and tuna poke

Nomai, 94 Derby St., #217, Hingham

  • Mai Tai and Tuna and salmon chirashi bowl
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