There’s snow place like Boston

It’s snow secret that New England winters can be pretty cold.

The George Washington statue in the Boston Public Garden on a snowy day.

Remember that time Boston saw over four inches of snow the day before Halloween?

Bundle up, Boston. 🧤Since we’re having a very mild winter with just over 10 inches of accumulation so far, we’re digging out the details of some of our city’s snowiest days.

❄️ The most snow:
The biggest local snowfall was tracked on President’s Day weekend in 2003, when 27.6 inches of snow were recorded at Logan Airport. This beat out the Blizzard of 1978, when Boston saw 27.1 inches.

❄️The snowiest year:
The most snow that Boston has ever received in a year was 108.6 inches in 2015. Residents will remember the 24.4 inches that accumulated over two days from January 26-27, because there was still plenty of snow from previous storms. The four total storms that year each brought over a foot of snow, and the “snow farm” didn’t fully melt until July.

❄️ The latest in season snow:
At a time when residents would normally start thinking about street cleaning, city officials had to bring the plows back out. Sometimes referred to as the April Fools’ Day storm, it snowed 25.4 inches from March 31-April 1, 1997. The heavy snow piled up three inches an hour at some points, and the USS Constitution was damaged. This total still holds the record for the most snow in April in our city.

❄️ The most recent:
Just last year, Boston was hit with 23.5 inches of snow at the end of January. This snowstorm was the first recorded blizzard in four years and contributed nearly half the yearly snowfall total of ~54 inches.

Through all the shoveling + plowing, we know Boston is the coolest place to live. Care to share your best snow story? Tell us your snow secrets, share a winter-ful experience, or send us any photos of the frosty city.

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