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ICYMI: January Crossword Puzzle

Think back on all the things that happening this month and complete this crossword puzzle.

Beacon Hill street in January.

What do you remember from the last 30 days?

Photo by @walks_with_liz

Can you believe January is over already? So many exciting things happened, from a new monument to celebrations across the city. Here are just a few things we covered in the last 30 days in our newsletter and on our social channels.

Test your local knowledge that you gained from our newsletters + complete the crossword puzzle below.

Mayor Wu gave her first of this official update at MGM Music Hall
Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year
The toymaker moving its headquarters to Boston
Boston officials declared Jan. 15 would celebrate this New England dish
Boston building voted fourth ugliest in the world
The title sponsor for the local sports arena for at least the next 23 years

Newest monument in Boston Common
First proposal in 30 years, where landlords could not surpass the maximum of a 10% raise per year
This festival announced the 2023 lineup
Lunar New Year is celebrating the year of the this animal

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