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Life hacks for living in Boston

From MBTA tips to saving on energy costs, these hacks help simplify life in our city.

Aerial view of Boston highway and Zakim bridge

Be a good neighbor and share these tips with fellow Bostonians.

Living in Boston is generally a grand time, but that doesn’t mean we’re immune to parking and transit woes, less-than-ideal weather, and other day-to-day hassles.

Enter: These five life hacks from our neighbors on the R/Boston Reddit community to help make life a little easier.

1. “If you’re transferring from the Red Line to go towards Forest Hills, get off at Park Street on the center platform and walk across the Winter Street Concourse. It gets directly to the southbound Orange Line platform at Downtown Crossing.” — u/urbanwhat

2. “You can go up to the Custom House building and check out the internals of the clock and also go to the observation deck. The clock is a genius mechanical design and the view is priceless! Go to the hotel after 9:30 a.m. and ask to go up.” — u/88mcinor88

3. “In the broader Boston/Massachusetts area: MassSave for energy savings. Free LED bulbs and power strips; 75% discount on blown in insulation, rebates on appliances, smart thermostats, and HVAC and water heating systems.” — u/dyqik

4. “If you grocery shop on weekends, go during Pats games when it’s football season. Stores are empty.” — u/achipdrivermystery

5. “Local colleges and universities regularly offer events that are open to the public for free or low cost. Music, theater, dance, lectures. Many of them offer mailing lists.” — u/baddspellar

The BOStoday team’s life hacks:

Here are a few more pro tips for navigating life in Boston:

  • Make sure you have cash on hand if you’re going anywhere near the North End (especially if you plan to grab a cannoli).
  • Want to admire Fenway without a Sox ticket? Take a seat at Bleacher Bar for a view of centerfield.
  • Use “Track the T” for real-time updates on local bus routes.
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