Meredith Grey is moving to Boston

Longtime TV character Dr. Meredith Grey has picked Boston, chose Boston, and will love Boston.

A Grey's Anatomy Scene in Boston.

It won’t be long before they start ordering iced coffee from Dunkin’.

Photo via ABC/Disney

“Grey’s Anatomy” is shipping its main character up to Boston.

Whether you watched from the start in 2005 or recently binged the 400+ episodes, Grey’s fans already know that the lead character Dr. Meredith Grey will be leaving Seattle for Boston. What can we say, SEAtoday’s loss is our city’s gain.

Before she dances it out one last time in Seattle, here’s what we know about her farewell to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital:

  • Zola, Meredith’s daughter, fell in love with a STEM school in Boston and tells Meredith this over a lobstah roll.
  • Meredith was offered a job to help find a cure to Alzheimer’s, much like the work MIT is doing as its scientists conduct more research on the disease.
  • Meredith has already had many connections to Boston. Mass General outranked Seattle Grace as one of the top teaching hospitals, Lexie Grey was supposed to start her residency locally, her mother Ellis Grey moved here + her stepsister Maggie was born in our city.

Grab your Kleenex + prepare to hear “Chasing Cars” during the episode tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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