Cheers to Negroni Week in Boston, MA

Raise a glass during this week-long celebration of the classic boozy beverage.

Glass sitting on the bar inside Faccia Brutta.

Sip on one of these Faccia Brutta negronis this week for a cause.

Photo via @nakedandnegroni

Today kicks off Negroni Week (Sept. 12-18) and we’re here to help you drink for a cause.

First things first what is Negroni Week? It’s a week-long event that began in 2013 to celebrate the classic cocktail and help raise money for charity. This year’s partner is Slow Food, a global charity promoting food justice + education.

What’s in a Negroni? There are many variations of the classic boozy beverage, but traditionally it comes with three ingredients: campari, gin + Vermouth. Head to Instagram this week to check out a few new recipes from local mixologist Jake Smith.

Where can you sip one this week? There is a handy map to help you find your nearest location. Here are just a few spots where you can wet your whistle.

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