Pickleball festival planned for Fenway Park

🏓 Bring your paddles to our city’s baseball stadium this summer.

View of players on bases at Fenway Park

Our new favorite sport at our favorite baseball park? Sign us up.

Photo by @amyhoro

We already knew pickleball was taking over our city, and now we’ve got more proof that the sport is a pretty big dill in Boston.

Fenway Park is set to host an inaugural pickleball festival this summer as part of the Ballpark Festival Series hosted by Pickleball4America.

Between July 13 and July 16, a dozen pickleball courts will be placed along the outfield. Courts are available to rent for a price tag of $1,500 — registration closes on Wednesday, June 7. There will be professional and amateur tournaments to watch with a general admission ticket ($10).

The event’s timing lines up with a break in the Red Sox’ home schedule, so don’t worry about pickleballers impacting your “Sweet Caroline” singing.

In the meantime, brush up on your skills (maybe with a fresh set of paddles) at PKL or with Volo’s pickleball leagues.

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