Play BOStoday’s crossword puzzle

Can you solve this local crossword puzzle?

Refection of the George Washington statue

Let us know if you can solve all the clues.

Photo via @amyhoro

Today is National Crossword Puzzle Day, and you know we love a challenge — so we have created a BOStoday version just for you.

Riddle me this: what’s the goal of the game? Fill all the squares with correct answers to flex your local knowledge. There are 16 clues all about Boston for you to solve.

Check it out and hopefully it won’t leave you too puzzled.

3. Largest green space in our city
6. LED landmark in Kenmore Square
9. America’s oldest baseball park
10. Place where everyone knows your name
11. First public beach
12. South Boston
14. Nickname for USS Constitution
15. Nickname for Ted Williams Tunnel project

1. Animals featured in the children’s book by Robert McCloskey
2. We love that dirty water
4. Home of the Celtics and Bruins
5. Founding Father who took a “Midnight Ride”
7. 2.5 miles of American history
8. Local airport code
13. Official state berry

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