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Out of office: Throwback to summer fun at Camp Wylo

This summer, take a break from adulting and enjoy a weekend of camp at Lake Ashmere in the beautiful Berkshire mountains.

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A GIF showing adults posing for a photo at Camp Wylo, a group paddle boarding on a lake, and a woman sliding down a water slide.

Who needs Netflix when you’ve got archery, paddle boarding, and lakeside campfires?

Photos by Colin McGahan

Ever find yourself dreaming about those carefree days at camp as a kid? Guess what — the fun doesn’t have to end just because you’re a grown-up. Enter: Camp Wylo, an adult-only summer camp open June 13-16 at Berkshire Lake Camp in Hinsdale, MA, just a two-hour drive from Boston.

Camp kicks off on Thursday, June 13 and offers:

  • The perfect opportunity to escape the daily grind + immerse yourself in nature.
  • Plenty of pre-planned contests and games (think: Slip and Slide Flip Cup, waterfront activities, a camp-wide relay race, as well as leisure time to yourself).
  • A place to meet new friends or enjoy a weekend getaway with old ones.
  • Activities like yoga, archery, pickleball, frisbee, kickball, tie-dyeing, and more.

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