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Porchfest season is just turning up

Here’s what you need to know about community Porchfests and how to participate.

A DJ playing for a crowd at JP Porchfest.

Porchfest is a day for the community to celebrate local musicians, bands, and DJs.

Photo by @joetagz_dj

It’s time to turn up the volume and prepare for Porchfest season. Settle in — we’re breaking down the beats and details for these musical community celebrations.

What is a Porchfest?
These community-focused events take place in various neighborhoods and connect residents with the arts in their own backyard, literally. The event teams will take over and coordinate live performances on any available space (think: porch, yard, or stoop). The goal is to build neighborhood goodwill and civic engagement + support the local arts community.

How can I get involved?
If you live in a community that’s planning a Porchfest or own a neighborhood storefront, share your space to host local talent. Neighbors can then stroll from block to block and enjoy the sounds of the neighborhood.

Pro tips: Remember to party responsibly, stay out of the streets and keep to the sidewalks + be respectful of your neighbors’ spaces. Most importantly, have fun.

Ready to party?
Save the date for these Saturday celebrations:

Somerville Porchfest — May 11
If the event needs to move to the raindate on Sunday, May 12, it will be called on Friday at 12 p.m. Dating back to 2011, this decentralized music festival brings Somervillians and the community together to share their love of playing and listening to music.

Watertown Porchfest — May 18
This Saturday event will feature over 130 artists across 70+ porches.

Dorchfest — June 1
This year’s Dorchfest will run from 1-5 p.m. and feature multiple genres including electronic, rock, folk, pop, and hip hop.

Fenway Porchfest — June 15
This year’s event will take place across a wide variety of residential, institutional, and park sites throughout the Fenway Neighborhood.

Jamaica Plain Porchfest — Aug. 24
Established in 2014, JP Porchfest has an expansive understanding and appreciation of the arts. Each year, the festival offers a wide array of performances that include music, storytelling, and dance.

Bonus: Brookline Porchfest will return on Sept. 28.

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