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Restoration at the Charles River watershed

Here’s how the Charles River Watershed Association will use a $1 million donation

The dock of the Charles River Esplanade at sunset.

We love that the “dirty water” is getting cleaned up.

The tides are changing for the Charles River, thanks to an anonymous donation of $1 million to the Charles River Watershed Association.

We’ve all heard for years about that “Dirty Water” and many local organizations have been working to improve the conditions of the local river. A few environmental concerns the Charles has faced include stormwater runoff, invasive species, and biodiversity loss over the years — all of which are increasing due to climate change.

The local environmental organization will implement a comprehensive restoration plan for the watershed to remove defunct dams, restore streams, and tackle invasive plants. These steps will help improve water quality and restore aquatic habitats for fish, insects, and wildlife.

Swim over to the association’s website to learn more about these projects.

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