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PWHL Boston beefs up its roster

Boston added six new players to the team in this year’s draft.

Three PWHL Boston players glide on the ice with a ref in front of them.

PWHL Boston rocked the ice during their inaugural season.

Photo via @danceyfo

Less than two weeks after being defeated in the inaugural Walter Cup, PWHL Boston is preparing to come back swinging.

What’s next?

Boston picked up six players in the seven-round 2024-2025 draft on Monday, June 10. Let’s take a look at the lineup:

  • Hannah Bilka, Forward | Boston used its first-round selection to scoop Bilka — a star Boston College player for four seasons before she nabbed a national title with Ohio State.
  • Daniela Pejšová, Defender | Boston made a trade to move up three spots in order to score this defender from the Swedish Women’s Hockey League.
  • Sydney Bard, Defender | Defense was the name of the game for Boston. Bard joins the team with five seasons at Colgate under her belt.
  • Shay Maloney, Forward | Another player from the Swedish Women’s Hockey League, Maloney played four seasons at Brown.
  • Ilona Markova, Forward | The first Russian player drafted by a PWHL team, Markova was drafted by Boston using a draft-night trade with New York.
  • Hadley Hartmetz, Defender | A former teammate of Bilka, Hartmetz played two seasons at BC + three at Ohio State.
The Tsongas Center with the ice prior to the PWHL Boston game.

PWHL Boston call Tsongas Center home.

Photo via @frost_978

More to come

The six new players aren’t the only updates to the team. Come August, new team nicknames and logos will make a debut. Last month, Bauer became PWHL’s jersey partner, so we’re excited to see some great new gear.

We asked our readers to weigh in on what name they thought should be on the jerseys. Here are some of your favorite ideas:

  • “Boston Shamrocks” — Paul C.
  • “Boston Bruisers” — Bethe C.
  • “Lady Bears” — Dana M.
  • “Boston Freedom” — Anne Marie W.
  • “Sirens” — @ste_le92
  • “Boston Rush” — @pat_.ricck

During the inaugural season, PWHL Boston played at Tsongas Center in Lowell — ~45 minutes from Boston via Commuter Rail. While the team has not announced plans to relocate, their second-season return to Tsongas Center has not yet been confirmed.

Fans can sign up to receive updates from PWHL Boston, including ticket information for the 2024-2025 season when it becomes available.

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