Massachusetts receives funding to protect right whales

The money will assist local scientists with research and developing safter commercial fishing gear.

A bird's eye view of a right whale in the Atlantic Ocean, next to five dolphins.

The North Atlantic right whale population declined by 25% between 2010 and 2020.

Two wrongs don’t make a right — but local funding can make a better future for North Atlantic right whales.

Massachusetts has received financial support that will help scientists research right whales and tackle issues that could impact the species’ endangered population, which is ~360 in 2024. Commercial fishing gear in particular poses a threat, often injuring or ensnaring unsuspecting whales.

Thanks to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game’s Division of Marine Fisheries has received $4.6+ million for conservation efforts and monitoring local marine life.

As part of the state’s whale recovery efforts, the money will fund new developments in safer fishing gear technology. A portion of the funds will also provide new equipment for workers in the local lobster industry.

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