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Try This: Lantern, a same-day delivery service for cannabis consumers

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Lantern has a special delivery for you. | Photo by the BOStoday team

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You already know that at BOStoday, if there’s a local option, we’re choosing it. That’s why I (City Editor Jess here 👋) was excited to learn about Lantern, a cannabis marketplace and delivery service in the Greater Boston area. Think: Uber Eats or DoorDash, but for local dispensaries and their offerings. (Yes, cannabis is legal in Boston if you’re 21+).


Lantern’s website is intuitive and easy to navigate. | Photo by the BOStoday team

What we tried:

Ordering cannabis delivery through Lantern was super easy: Its user-friendly website carries 1,000+ products that can be sorted by purpose (recreational adult-use vs. medical), price, strain, dispensary + more.

Once you’ve shopped across dispensaries and selected your products, here’s what to expect next:

  • Verify your age (21+) with a government-issued ID or driver’s license.
  • Select the date + time frame for your delivery (home addresses only + you do have to be home to sign).
  • Place the order.

What not to miss:

Filtering Lantern’s 1,000+ products by dispensary, type, price or effect (think: elevated mood, stress relief, increased appetite + more) makes it so easy to find the best products for you. Sorting by dispensary makes it especially easy to support local Boston shops that carry cannabis products, too.

Bonus: Want to get on a higher level of learning? Lantern’s blog has a ton of educational resources.

The products I ordered arrived even more quickly than I expected. | Gif via BOStoday team

What we’re still talking about:

The quick and convenient delivery. When my drivers (each delivery has two drivers) were on the way, I got a text message so I could prepare. All you need is payment (debit or cash only) and an ID. It was super convenient having my order delivered so my busy day could keep rollin’.

Pro tip: The ID shown at delivery needs to match the ID used during the ordering process, so always plan to accept your own delivery.


Say hello to your new favorite service to shop local. | Photo by BOStoday team

How you can experience this:

ICYMI, recreational cannabis delivery is 100% legal for Massachusetts residents 21+. Visit the Lantern website to start shopping.

Pro tip: Depending on your home address, some dispensaries offer free same-day delivery with a minimum purchase amount, so make sure to enter your delivery address before you browse.


Lantern carries an impressive variety of products. | Photo by BOStoday team

Things to know if you go:

  • Experience: Home-delivery service and cannabis marketplace with Lantern (currently only available for home addresses)
  • Price: Price of cannabis products vary, and free delivery is available when you meet the minimum order amount (which varies based on dispensary and delivery address)
  • Website: https://lanternnow.com/
  • Hours: Delivery hours vary based on dispensary and delivery address
  • Social: Twitter | Instagram*
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