Unpacking Truck Day in Boston

Here’s what you need to know before the truck leaves Fenway Park.

The three bronze statues outside Fenway Park.

See the truck off before it heads down south for Spring Training.

Photo by BOStoday team

It’s Truck Day, Boston.

No this isn’t a trick play. Today’s the day that the Red Sox equipment truck will depart from Fenway Park around 12 p.m. to travel the ~1,455 miles to Fort Myers for Spring Training.

It’s not all peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Here’s an idea of what’s loaded in the semi-truck:

⚾ 20,000 baseballs + 1,000 bats
🧢 200 batting helmets + 200 batting gloves
👕 400 t-shirts + 320 practice tops
🧦 400 pairs of socks
🍬20 cases of bubble gum
🌻 60 cases of sunflower seeds

Spring Training officially begins on Wednesday, Feb. 15, when the team’s pitchers and catchers will hold their first workout. The rest of the team will join them for the first full squad workout on Monday, Feb. 20.

We will be waiting patiently back in Boston for Opening Day, when the Sox return for the first home game at the end of March.

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