5 Boston-based startups to watch


Boston skyline | Photo via @kk021

There is a lot when it comes to getting a startup literally up and running. Boston is considered one of the best cities for entrepreneurs with a harbor full of potential talent, plenty of capital to go around, and strong community support.

If you have an idea for a startup here is a helpful resource to break into + understand the ins and outs of the startup business. If you’re more of a consumer of these fine ideas, here’s five Boston-based startups we are watching.

HelloPrenup | Tech startup

Add this to your pre-wedding checklist. HelloPrenup was created to provide a simpler service for those seeking prenuptial agreements. The co-founders, Julia Rodgers + Sarabeth Jaffewere, were featured on the TV show Shark Tank last month and are hoping to expand with the growing support after the show aired.

Hometap | Financial tech

This startup offers financial alternative to traditional loans — homeowners borrow against the equity in their homes without taking out loans. Hometap provides cash in exchange for a share of the home’s future value.

Motif Foodworks | Food tech

Motif Foodworks is launching its new plant-based, protein substitute product and opening a new facility in central Massachusetts. The the 65,000 sqft facility with state-of-the-art labs will have 100+ employees.

Tasseled | Education tech

This startup gets an A+ for this tech solution. Vipul Patel experienced firsthand the difficulties of transferring credits from one college or university to another, so he created a platform to make the process easier for transfer students. Tasseled helps identify which university classes can be completed at a community college.

Tomorrow.io | Weather tech

The forecast on this startup is sunny. Tomorrow.io has created a new system for predicting the weather using data from other sources, think: phone networks + Internet-connected cars. This month, it has gone public on Wall Street and plans to fundraise in 2022 to build a network of smaller satellites to help scientists improve the predictions.

Honorable mention for this startup that just expanded into Boston.

Jokr launched in March in New York City. Now, the grocery delivery startup has moved into the Greater Boston area and serves 11 neighborhoods.