3 bold buildings in Boston, MA

Take a closer look at this notable local architecture.

Three photos side by side of Boston's Skinny House, Jenga building, and Custom House Tower

We may be biased, but Boston has some of the most interesting buildings around.

Photos by Atlantic Visuals, @tuannnn_ + @its_me_rainershine

To commemorate World Architecture Day today, we’re taking a closer look at some of Boston’s boldest buildings.

“Jenga” building

  • Boston University’s Center for Computing & Data Sciences looks a bit like Jenga blocks, hence the nickname. It isn’t just pushing boundaries with design — it’s also poised to be Boston’s largest carbon-neutral building.

The Skinny House

  • Blink and you’ll miss the small but mighty North End house. The 10-ft-wide and 30-ft-long building on Hull Street, aka the “Spite House,” is home to a fascinating history.

Custom House Tower

  • Did you know this was our city’s tallest building for 49 years? The John Hancock Tower might have nabbed the title, but this Greek Revival-style landmark is still a fixture of the Financial District.

Honorable mention goes to City Hall — the Brutalist-style building may not be easy on the eyes, but it’s certainly a conversation starter.

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