Could Boston’s skyline reach new heights?

The BPDA proposed changes could increase the height restrictions in Downtown Boston

Paramount sign in downtown Boston.

The Paramount Theatre is 70 ft. high on Washington Street.

Photo by @thechrisdk

The Boston Planning & Development Agency has proposed changes to revamp zoning restrictions that could change how high the city’s buildings could reach. Currently, buildings in areas like Downtown Crossing and Chinatown are limited to 150 ft.

The proposed new zoning rules would allow an increase to 400 ft from Washington to Court streets, towards the Government Center area. How tall are we talking? A 400-ft structure would be approximately 37-40 stories tall or a little more than half the size of the Pru, which is 749 ft tall.

Different areas of the neighborhood have different height limits, but with the proposed changes the city would make exceptions for specific projects. There are also restrictions that would not allow for changes due to flight paths, current architecture limits, and preventing shadows on the Boston Common or Public Garden.

A formal draft of the changes is in the works and scheduled for release in June.

What do you think of this possible change?

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