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Boston-themed LEGO sets that we’d like to see

Want to build your own Boston?

Several children are sorting through a pile of LEGO blocks.

LEGO lets you build anything you could wish for.

Photo via ©2023 The LEGO Group

Anyone who has played with LEGOs (Fun fact: LEGO calls them LEGO bricks ) knows that building a structure or scene with these blocks is not only fun but educational.

So many sets have been released over the years for building practically anything you could ever imagine — from a Medieval town square to an orchid or the Taj Mahal.

Along with monuments and pop culture staples, LEGO has locations within its Postcard collection. As LEGO’s American head offices are expected to come to Boston by 2026, we noticed that our city hasn’t been included — yet.

We have some ideas for you, LEGO, as to Boston sets we’d love to see:

We want to know: Which Boston-themed LEGO sets would you pick?

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