A ‘Hocus Pocus’ reunion is brewing in Salem

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the classic Halloween movie, select members of the “Hocus Poucs” cast will return to Witch City for photos and autographs.

People walking down main street in Salem, Massachusetts.

Roughly 500,000 people visit Salem in October each year.

Photo by @salemflea

Who lit the black candle? Select cast members of “Hocus Pocus” will return to Salem this weekend to commemorate the Disney film’s 30th anniversary, which was partially filmed in Witch City.

Omri Katz and Thora Birch — who played brother and sister duo Max and Dani Dennison — are among the actors who will be in town on Friday, Oct. 20 and Saturday, Oct. 21 to meet fans.

Guests over 21 can mingle with the stars in an intimate setting at Bit Bar’s “Costume Bash,” which runs from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday night. A $250 ticket comes with free game tokens, food, soft drinks, and a professional photo with the actors, including Vinessa Shaw (aka Allison) and Jason Marsden, beloved voice of Binx the black cat.

The meet and greets continue Saturday afternoon at Salem Common, where fans can grab autographs and photos from all four actors. Pro tip: Find Allison’s house for a bonus “Hocus Pocus” photo op.

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