Warm up at these pop-up saunas in Boston

Consider this your sign to book a sauna session or cold plunge in the city.

A pop-up sauna on wheels pulled up to the Rowes Wharf Plaza

The Winter Sauna Village has popped-up outside the Rowes Wharf Plaza.

You’ve heard of pop-up shops, but what about pop-up wellness experiences? Meet two new seasonal sauna experiences to help you warm up around Boston.

If you don’t know — a sauna is a room or building designed for heat sessions that can range from 150 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit and can offer many health benefits + a relaxing experience. Here’s how you can feel the heat in the dead of winter.

Moki Sauna Village
The Winter Sauna Village is now open on the Rowes Wharf Plaza at the corner of High Street + Atlantic Avenue. Visitors can reserve a spot for a relaxing health and wellness session, including access to the cold plunge (aka cold water immersion), wood-fired saunas, changing rooms, rinsing stations, and a relaxation hut with locker storage. Reservations start at $55 for a two-hour session, which includes a towel + flip flops. Reservations are recommended — walk-ins are limited and based on availability.


A look inside the pop-up sauna coming to City Hall Plaza.

Photo provided by Spa Fleet Rental

Winter City Sauna
Head to City Hall Plaza (on the Cambridge Street side) for 45-minute sauna sessions from Friday, January 26–Sunday, March 3. This pop-up is free with a reservation, and open to the public. Keep in mind — this is not a private session and you will need to come prepared with a towel to sit on + a swimsuit. The last session of each day will be at 7 p.m. and features the lowest temperature of the day, ~150˚F. There will also be a food truck with hot chocolate, a seating area, and games to enjoy before and after your time slot. Reservations are now open.

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