The Barking Crab’s floating future

The popular seafood eatery’s proposal will bring guests even closer to the waterfront. Plans include a new floating barge to expand seating options for the outdoor dining area.

A sunny day on the Barking Crab patio.

Picture walking out on to a floating dock to enjoy oysters, shrimp cocktail, and lobster rolls.

Photo via Barking Crab by C. McIntosh Photo

The Barking Crab has submitted a proposal to expand the waterfront restaurant with a new floating deck.

The Fort Point eatery at 88 Sleeper St. has requested to build a 1,900-sqft steel barge next to the connected docks to help increase the dining capacity.

The seafood spot currently seats thousands of customers in the ~9,500-sqft space at the outdoor dining area. The Barking Crab has been serving up lobster rolls, steamers, and other seafood specialties since 1994.

What would this expansion look like? According to the proposal, the floating deck would be topped with a metal-framed canopy support system and include self-contained restroom facilities.

The proposal will require a waterways license from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and the project will be reviewed by the Boston Conservation Commission.

Call us shellfish, but we hope to crack open a lobster or two on the water this summer.

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