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BOStoday readers choice: Summer Sling cocktail competition

We need your vote on your favorite Summer Sling in this friendly competition among some of Boston’s best bartenders. Here’s how to get involved this week.

A red Summer Sling sitting on a bar.

The Summer Sling cocktails will be served in tall glasses.

Photo by @willisaza

This Drink Up month, we’ve teamed up with Cafe Gloria owner + Boston Brand Ambassador for Singani 63 Will Isaza for a friendly cocktail competition. We need your help to pick your favorite summer cocktail in the Sling of the Summer contest.

Fun fact: A sling is a type of cocktail historically made with sugar, hot or cold water, nutmeg, and a spirit. For this competition, the competitors will be using the Latin American spirit Singani 63. Today, a sling cocktail is made with various ingredients, meaning every local bartender can have a creative interpretation of the drink.

Here’s how you can vote on your favorite Summer Sling.

Visit one of the participating bars and order the Summer Sling from Monday, July 17 to Friday, July 21. Voting is now open for you to help us determine the “Readers Choice” for the best summer sip. Will Isaza will also judge the drinks based on the following criteria:

  • Cocktail name
  • Creativity
  • Flavor and balance
  • Cocktail appearance and presentation

Ready to get sippin’? Here’s where to go:

  • Alexis Vazquez | Backbar, 7 Sanborn Ct., Somerville
  • Jen LaForge | Blossom Bar, 295 Washington St., Brookline
  • Jenna Simon | Shore Leave, 11 William E. Mullins Way
  • Jesse Lane | The Baldwin Bar, 2 Alfred St., Woburn
  • Jesse Potts + Jake Smith | Uni, 370A Commonwealth Ave.
  • John McElroy | Atlantico, 600 Harrison Ave.
  • Katie Weismann | Spoke Wine Bar, 89 Holland St., Somerville
  • Nicole Baker | Pammy’s, 928 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge
  • Oscar Simoza | The Wig Shop, 27 Temple Pl.
  • Ryan Polhemus | Offsuit, 5 Utica St.

Stay tuned as we highlight the summer slings and celebrate our local hospitality industry. Follow along on Instagram for updates.

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