Where to get sushi in Boston

Grab your chopsticks. Here are a few places rollin’ up some of the best sushi in our city, plus a few reader recommended spots.

A sushi boat and selection from Ebi Sushi in Somerville.

Treat yourself to a sushi boat with special rolls and sashimi options.

We know New England is known for its seafood, but have you found your favorites on the sushi side of life?

Here are a few places to grab sushi around Boston, each with creative rolls and the finest cuts of fish, plus a few recommendations from our Instagram followers.

Douzo, 131 Dartmouth St.
This modern location serves up a variety of sushi, sashimi, and special rolls, including a special named for the neighborhood called the Back Bay.

Oppa Sushi, 185 Harvard Ave.
This hidden gem in Allston serves a giant menu, including plenty of sushi combos and boats + Korean dishes like bibimbap. Pro tip: Try the flaming Bruins roll.

Ebi Sushi, 290 Somerville Ave., Somerville
This Union Square spot has been serving sushi since 2011. Order any of the day’s specials, like the torched salmon belly, on your next sushi outing.

Fat Baby, 118 Dorchester St.
Come for the cocktails, stay for the sushi specials. The South Boston location also offers a late night menu Thursdays-Saturdays from 11 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

A sushi plate from Fat Baby in South Boston.

Enjoy your sushi with sides like Kung Pao brussel sprouts or edamame.

Photo by @goooooodeatz

Honorable mentions for takeout: Avana Sushi + Cafe Sushi in Cambridge.

Recommendations from Instagram:
Fuji at the Ink Block, 352b Harrison Ave.
This South End spot offers makimonos + appetizers, plus shareable wok-tossed combinations and omakase dinners.

No Relation, 11 William E. Mullins Way
This hidden gem is a nine-seat, secret sushi restaurant located within Shore Leave. Reservations are required to sample the 14-course tasting menu.

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