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ICYMI: Lantern is like DoorDash for cannabis consumers

The online cannabis marketplace features 1000+ products from local dispensaries + offers same-day delivery services.

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Lantern: ICYMI article

Lantern has a special delivery for you.

Photo by the BOStoday team

Not to state the obvious, but nothing beats the convenience of online ordering + delivery. And if you’re a cannabis consumer looking for that same convenience, we’ve got you. Enter: Lantern, a cannabis marketplace + delivery service in the Greater Boston area. (Yes, it’s legal in Boston if you’re 21+.)

By partnering with local dispensaries, Lantern is able to offer 1,000+ products online that are easy to filter by strain, uses, or feeling (think: energetic, chill, or focused). They even have a strain guide to help you discover which is best for you.

The best part? You can order same-day delivery in 3 simple steps.

  1. Go to Lantern’s website + enter your home address for the dispensary selections near you.
  2. Shop the site.
  3. Place your order by verifying you’re 21+ and selecting a delivery time.

It’s that easy. Now sit back and relax until the delivery rolls in.

ICYMI: We tried the delivery service for ourselves. See how it went — and find out what we’re still talking about.

See how you can try this.*

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