South Station development project in Boston, MA

Our city’s largest transit center is getting a major makeover.

Rendering of the development design for South Station's outdoor concourse.

The design is all about connectivity + preservation of the historic train station.

Rendering courtesy of Hines

Boston’s busiest transit hub is going to look a whole lot different three years from now.

The city held a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday for the South Station development project — one of the largest ongoing infrastructure projects in our state.

Here’s what’s going on + up at the Atlantic Avenue station:

The $890 million project is starting with the construction of the South Station Tower, a 51-story mixed-use glass tower that will be directly above the station. The future tower will be home to 711,500 sqft of office space and 166 condo units.

You’ll need to look up to take it all in — it’s poised to be one of the tallest buildings in our city, and just one story shorter than the Prudential Center.

Here’s a bit of backstory. The BPDA sold South Station to the MBTA back in the 70s, but maintained ownership of the air rights. This project was approved in 2016 + construction started in 2020.

Wondering what this means for commuters? We can expect some improvements to the station:

  • The bus terminal will be expanded to increase capacity by more than 50%.
  • The Commuter Rail concourse area will expand by 67% with completely covered tracks + platforms.
  • New escalators, stairs, and elevators will be available between the bus terminal and main concourse.
  • There will be a new indoor bike storage area.

The development is expected to wrap up by 2025. In the meantime, learn about how construction zones might affect your commute + find even more project details.

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