Cheer on these Boston Marathon runners

👏 Here are the encouraging messages you shared for the marathoners in your lives.

127th Boston Marathon blue banner in front of Boston Public Library

There’s a reason Marathon Monday is our favorite day of the year.

Photo by BOStoday team

The big day is finally here. Now that you’ve carefully consulted our Marathon guide and are ready for race day, it’s time to cheer on our community together.

We asked you to share shoutouts for the marathoners in your lives. Without further ado, let’s send a collective “you’ve got this” to these runners:

“From superstar swimmer to marathon runner, we couldn’t be prouder of our Simmons Masters Swim Coach Laura Simpson for her first Boston Marathon attempt!” — Hilary S.

“Jen, you inspire me every day to be a better runner and person! I can’t wait to cheer you on at Heartbreak Hill! Love you lady!” — Jaclyn F.

“My wife Lizzie Johnson will be running her first Boston Marathon! She is a hard worker, amazing mom, and she is going to crush those 26.2 miles!” — Steven J.

“Sage Soursa, make No. 3 your best ever, in memory of Krystle Campbell!” — Jody P.

“Bob Fields — Best of Luck! This is what you’ve been looking forward to for so long and working so hard at. We are all behind you!” — Peter B.

“Cheering on my daughter @emmydaly running her second Boston Marathon with team @runformgh.” — Jill D.

“Gina, you got this! I’m cheering from a distance over a bowl of pasta.” — Jamie C.

“Congrats to my dad Tim Shea for running his second Boston Marathon. See you at the finish line! Emily S.

Boston Public Garden ducklings wearing "Boston Strong 10th Year" gear

The Public Garden ducklings are all dressed up for the big day.

Plus, we want to offer our own messages of support to all the runners out there:

“The courage and determination of everyone who runs the Boston Marathon is so uplifting. Now, run like there’s an iced Dunkin’ waiting for you at the finish line!” — City Editor Sara

“We’re rooting for you and once you cross the finish line, the after-party will be so good, so good, so good. Congratulations to all marathoners, new and returning.” — City Editor Jess

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