Who should be on Boston’s Mount Rushmore?

Boston may be the land of GOATs, but there’s only room for four faces on Mount Rushmore.

An image of Mt. Rushmore with questions marks replacing the faces of the four boulders.

Switch it, change it, rearrange it — what rocking four belong here?

Graphic by 6AM City

Nobody can dispute that Boston is the land of GOATs.

Our nationally-known locals are rarely just celebrities — they’re trailblazing leaders in their respective industries, from sports to entertainment. Boston’s famous folks could fill 100 Mount Rushmores. But if we could hypothetically only carve four faces into our own version of the South Dakota landmark, who would make the cut?

We’re calling on BOStoday readers to nominate the best Bostonians for a theoretical version of Mount Rushmore. Our survey asks participants to name notable folks from a variety of spheres: artists, writers, athletes, actors, and key historical figures.

Is Aerosmith your go-to local music pick, or are you more of a disco-lovin’ Donna Summer fan? Want Amy Poehler to feel the love in the TV/Film category, instead of the Wahlberg brothers getting all the attention?

Let us know in the survey, and we’ll report back with the results. Pro tip: We’re looking for historical figures but not politicians. Read: Folks like Paul Revere, W. E. B. Du Bois, Frederick Law Olmsted, or Isabella Stewart Gardner.

Get your nominations in, and we’ll get carvin’.

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