How to join a city board or commission in Boston


Get involved in the community through civic engagement | Photo via @worldfrommylensphotos

Want to have a say in what goes on in local government? Now’s your chance.

From the art and culture team deciding on public art to the public works team making decisions and maintaining the Freedom Trail, Bostonians like you + me are integral to creating the city we enjoy.


On 60+ city boards + commissions focused on transportation, arts and culture, sustainability, recreation, and more (aka giving citizens a literal voice in their local government.)


Residents of the City of Boston. View these requirements for city workers.

How much time?

Time commitment varies, but most meet monthly or bi-monthly.

How can I apply?

Apply online. You may apply for up to five boards or commissions at once and for board or commissions that don’t currently have any open positions for when vacancies occur.

Are there any openings?

There are nearly 50 upcoming vacancies on 30 boards + commissions, including the Boston Election Commission, Boston Landmarks Commission, Off-Street Parking Facilities Board, and City of Boston Scholarship Fund, just to name a few. See them all here and apply online.

Here’s a look at a few Boston boards + commissions that will soon be filling vacant seats.

🌱 Boston Cannabis Board | 5 members | 2-year terms | The new board will focus on equity in the new industry.

🏗️ Boston Planning & Development Agency | 7 members | 3-year terms | Help builders plan projects and stay within zoning codes.

🏥 Boston Public Health Commission | 7 members | 3-year terms | Ensure the health and well being of all residents.

📚 Boston Public Library Board of Trustees | 15 members | 5-year terms | Check out this board for a say in the general administration of the library and its needs.

🍎 Boston School Committee | 7 members | 4-year terms | Shape the education vision, mission, and goals for Boston Public Schools.

Additionally, if you live in Brookline, the town is looking to fill seats on 12+ boards. Find more information on who can apply and applications here.