❄️ Winter weather updates in Boston

As the city prepares for the potential of the first snowfall of the season, here are a few things to keep mind.


The snow plows have been summoned for this weekend.

Photo via @amyhoro

Grab your shovels and space savers, Boston. It’s been a while since we’ve had to dust off the snow plows and snow gear, but don’t get a brain freeze — review these weather reminders ahead of the anticipated snowfall this weekend.

According to forecasters (like Dave Epstein), Boston could see anywhere from one to six-plus inches of snow. The storm is expected to roll in Saturday afternoon and continue into Sunday.

The Public Works Department has 44,000 tons of salt to treat city streets + 175 pieces of in-house snow clearing equipment, with an additional 800 ready to call in during larger storms.

Residents can sign up to receive AlertBoston notifications by phone, text, or email in the event of a snow emergency.

Find more safety tips, including snow clearing timing, where to park in a snow emergency, heating center locations, and emergency home tips on the city website.